A sorority girl goes to seminary.

The Whole Story of the Bible for Kids in Under 800 Words

Looking for a simple yet rich way to share the gospel and the true story of the Bible with kids, I put together this story (heavily!) based on SpreadTruth’s “The Story”. Make sure … Continue reading

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Two Guests Posts: Check ‘Em Out!

This week, I had the distinct pleasure of guest writing for two blogs. First, I contributed to Aaron Earls’ blog The Wardrobe Door. Aaron, editor for online content at LifeWay, ran a series … Continue reading

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Book Review: “Fear and Faith”

This content originally appeared on SEBTS’s Women’s Life Blog HERE — I was curled up in a chair during some downtime at The Gospel Coalition Women’s Conference reading United by Trillia … Continue reading

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“Our personal history powerfully impacts what and how we fear” (Newbell, Fear and Faith, p.51)  On February 9, I began my journal, “That moment when you realize that your struggles … Continue reading

May 17, 2015 · 3 Comments

30 By 30

30 By 30 #Bekahs30by30 **EDIT** So, I may have been a little ambitious with giving myself 30 days to accomplish these 30 tasks (while also recovering from surgery and prepping … Continue reading

May 12, 2015 · 1 Comment

This Mighty Rushing Wind

We’ve been teaching through Acts for the past few weeks at Oaks Church Raleigh and tomorrow we’ll be in Acts 5. As I’ve worked on creating the kids’ lesson packets during these past few weeks, it’s … Continue reading

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The Random Pink Sprinkle

“Professional ministry” never crossed my mind. Though I grew up in the church and though a lot of my friends in college were pastors or pastors’ wives, it never clicked … Continue reading

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